Indonesia Travel Guide: Where to Go, Safety, Budget, and So On

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When it comes to how to travel to Indonesia, we are not just talking about visiting Bali. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and there are a bunch of beauties you need to see from each of them even though you do not need to go to all 17,000 islands during your vacation. We can also tell that the local foods are not expensive and the accommodation options are reasonably-priced as well, which make this country one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

If you want to conquer Indonesia during this holiday, it may take months considering plenty of things are ready to be explored and done here and there. Some places offer the tranquility of nature and many of them also offer the hectic traffic, skyscrapers, and many more. Backpacking in Indonesia could be a good choice if you want to travel on a budget. Still, three months will not be enough though. In this article, we are going to show you many reasons why you need to visit Indonesia and explore the whole country.

How to go to Indonesia: 5 places you must visit

Besides the number of islands, Indonesia is also popular for its beauty. There are plenty of places you need to visit in order to witness how great this country is. And in this section, we are going to show you about places to go and what to see.

Offering spectacular reefs and ominous dive sites like Shark reef, the Gili Trawangan and the Gili islands in Lombok are the perfect escape

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to visit Indonesia is head to Bali and relax. Bali is a wonderful island where you can find the gorgeousness of nature like sandy beaches, green paddy rice fields, and many things. You may find this island crowded during the high season but there are plenty of surfing spots you need to check. Other than that, you cannot miss out exploring the Hindu temples spread across the island.

If you want to feel the true sense of island paradise, you need to get to the Gili Islands. Gili Islands consist of three islands and each of them has its own uniqueness. Anything you want to get when you are on holiday, as well as the buzzing nightlife, can be accessed in the Gili T. if you want to get on a honeymoon then you can go to Gili Meno. Meanwhile, if you prefer something quiet then you can head to Gili Air.

The next place you must go when you are in Indonesia is Borobudur Temple. This temple can be touted as the biggest Buddhist temple in the world and Borobudur is much older than the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Located in Central Java, you can also visit other places near the temple such as Yogyakarta where you can visit the Keraton Kasunanan.

Later, you need also take a flight to Labuan Bajo and visit Komodo Island. This island is the only place in the world where you can witness Komodo dragons walk around freely. The island is also the conservational area for this species. It is no wonder if you see Komodo dragons catch each other while you are having your lunch.

Bromo is not the last place you must visit considering there are a bunch of other places in Indonesia worth your holiday. But if you are on holiday then you need to include this place on your list. Besides hiking the volcano, you will be a witness of the Sea of Sand lunar landscape. We really cannot describe it with words so you need to find out how to travel to Indonesia on the rest of this article.

The safety concerns

Generally, criminal violence in this country is not as high as in the US. However, theft is a thing after all, especially in the tourist destinations area. Other than that, scams are everywhere and it gets worse if you are foreigner or not locals. It will be much better if you have a friend in Indonesia so you can travel with your local friend.

Local people really love to bargain. If you like something you see then feel free to bargain. Also, in order to avoid scams, you should ask the taxi driver to turn on the meter instead of bargaining for the fixed rate.

How to get around Indonesia

In this section, we are going to talk about the budget for public transportation, daily expenses, and accommodation. Some cities use public buses as one of their public transportation, especially Jakarta. It does not cost much, less than USD 1 but you will need to purchase a card from the ticketing office in the bus station. Other than that, Transjakarta Busway, you can take the commuter line and MRT. If you prefer something fast then you can try Gojek or Grab which is a similar service like Uber. Of course, it is a motor-taxi so be prepared.

If you want to hop from one island to another then you can take ferries but it may take a very long time to arrive at your destination. A flight is much faster yet prier. But sometimes you will get the best deal too. If you want to go from one big city to another than buses and trains would be cheaper options.

Money saving tips in Indonesia

Indonesians are very friendly and nice. They will help you to get through anything you need as long as you ask them nicely. It is also recommended to learn one or two things so you can communicate better with them for simple things.

If you want to eat less than USD 1 then you can just eat on the street. Many stalls offer tasty local foods in big portions and you will not be disappointed as well. As we have mentioned earlier, locals love to bargain and you should too. Just bargain.

If you are into alcoholic beverages, some local bars offer happy hours sometimes. It will give you cheaper prices compared to hi-end lounges. Other than that, you may want to consider buying from local stores.


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