Are There Monkeys In Uluwatu Temple?

Many are asking and are curious about vacation tips that can be used when in the Uluwatu area, Bali. One of the highlights is the presence of Uluwatu Temple, which is very famous for its sacred and beautiful scenery.

Ops, apparently it is also famous for various questions about Are there monkeys in Uluwatu Temple? If you have never visited Uluwatu, don’t worry, here are some travel and vacation tips in Uluwatu, which you can try.

What is the transportation to get to the location?

If you want to visit Uluwatu, then there are several ways you can use. All of this will depend on how much budget you have, and how much time you set aside on the journey. The first way is to use a rented motorcycle, which you will easily get in Bali, and you will know why Running Race in Bali is so famous.

The costs that you will give will vary, ranging from 90 thousand to 120 thousand. You can borrow this vehicle for 24 hours. This transportation is recommended for those of you who already understand quite well the area in Bali, or maybe leave with a group that can provide directions in the right direction.

The next way is to rent a car, along with the travel guide. This transportation is highly recommended for those of you who are just on holiday in Bali and do not yet understand about the regions. By using a car as well as a travel guide, you will be able to arrive faster without having to be lost and misdirected during your trip. But of course, the cost of this will be more expensive than renting a motorcycle, or just renting a car without a travel guide.

The last way is to take an open trip service to Uluwatu, Bali. There are a lot of travel services that offer open trips and private trips to Bali tourist areas. For those of you who have limited time to take care of all your accommodation and transportation needs while in Bali, this idea is certainly good to try.

Are there monkeys in Uluwatu Temple?

When asked about the existence of monkeys, in the Uluwatu temple there are indeed many monkeys playing, and sometimes nosy. Some are walking, some are playing and hanging on trees. Therefore you should protect your valuables, which you have. Because they often come suddenly, asking for food. But the monkeys at Uluwatu Temple are not wild, they are docile, and actually, Sudha is very accustomed to the presence of tourists. But sometimes they are a bit nosy and naughty, which causes you to pay extra attention to your luggage.

Those are some tips on traveling to Uluwatu, along with answers to questions Are there monkeys in Uluwatu Temple? Don’t forget to always pay attention to your luggage, like a camera, then glasses, backpack and so on.

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