How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Uluwatu Temple?

How much does it cost to visit the Uluwatu Temple? Whoa, hold on. Uluwatu is one of the excellent areas in Bali, which provides a lot of hidden spots, which pamper local and foreign tourists. For those of you who intend to go to Bali, your trip will not be complete before trying some exciting and fun activities in Bali Uluwatu!

Enjoy the time to surf

The first activity that is often done by visitors in the Uluwatu is surfing. Bali is indeed being famous of the Running Race in Bali, but the thing you have to know is some of the beaches in Uluwatu are very famous for the waves, which are said to be very attractive to surfers.

For those of you who also like this activity, some of the places you can visit are Padang-Padang Beach, Suluban Beach, Balangan Beach, and others. As an additional point, for those of you who decide to try to Suluban Beach, you will get a bonus exploring hidden caves in Suluban Beach. The landscape of this cave is very cool, with a look that is so unique and mysterious, you will feel you’re in a pirate adventure movie.

Learning history through cultural performances

Talking about How much does it cost to visit the Uluwatu Temple? You have to know that the Balinese cultural performances performed at Uluwatu is one of the things that attracts many tourists. As is well known, Balinese culture blends with Hinduism, which is unique, and impossible to find in other parts of the world.

Many tourists who visit Uluwatu intending to witness the traditions and traditional ceremonies performed sacred by the community. The show which is usually displayed is the Kecak dance, as one of the typical cultures of Bali. You will enjoy the time here, watching the Balinese cultural performances, with the setting of the setting sun, plus the sound of waves. So exciting!

Cultural and religious tourism

Uluwatu Temple is a central point in travel to Uluwatu. This temple is located in the highlands of Bali, towering very beautiful and sacred. Many come here to feel the sensation of ecological tourism as well as historical tourism in Bali. The position of Uluwatu Temple is on a cliff, whose height reaches even 70 meters. You who come here will be very impressed, with the scenery, because this Uluwatu temple is wrapped in a view of the Indian Ocean which is very wide and amazing.

What’s more, there are many beautiful spots that you can go to, with a very close distance. For those of you who asks about How much does it cost to visit the Uluwatu Temple? You will be charged a different fee from local and international visitors. The tariff for domestic tourists is 30 thousand for adults and 20 thousand for children. As for foreign tourists, they will pay 50 thousand for adults, and 30 thousand for children.


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