How to Explore Bali With A Private Boat

The beauty of the Bali island will never end, this often raises the attention of the domestic or foreign community. As time goes by, the facilities and infrastructure of tourism objects in Bali, especially the coastal areas, are increasing. Curiosity from tourists to enjoy the beauty of the high seas can be done through surfing, diving or swimming, this activity certainly requires a boat as a means of transportation to get to the middle of the sea.

We can find boat rentals in several places on the island of Bali, you can rent according to the number of days you want, get it on a daily or weekly basis. Of course, the price of one boat rental is also not cheap, but to be able to enjoy like a private boat, you will definitely prepare a separate budget. Some of these boat rental places use dollar currency in their transactions, but some also still accept rupiah. This is because ship rental is more often done by foreign tourists.

Here we will present a number of boat rental places, including:

1. Bali Yacht Services

Bali yacht services is one of the boat rental places located in the port of Benoa, Bali. This rental place provides services to get around the sea of ​​Bali. They began to develop their website from 2005. There are several choices of facilities presented, including: First is Bali cruises, which last for 3 days in Nusa Lembongan, ticket prices reach $ 119.00 per person. The second is yacht services, charter cruises can be used privately, usually have shipping routes in Bali, Lembongan and Gili Lombok. And third is private charter, private charter usually uses luxury Bali yachts with several types of ships, including Accura 38 yacht speedboat, aneecha sailing catamaran, Bali dancer yacht, Bali Wahoo Fishing Yacht, Bali Angel Yacht, Blue Marin Bali, etc.

2. Bali Cruise Private Boat

This Bali cruise private boat provides services to sail on the Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan, and Nusa Peninda routes. This rental place is located on Gunung Guntur road, Taman Sari II/14, Denpasar, the contact that can be contacted is 0821 4704 2222. The commonly used ships are fast boats that can accommodate 10-12 people. But for those of you who want to enjoy a trip that is more privacy with your family or colleagues, here is also provided a Bali private boat. In addition there is also a boat charter that only serves crossing between one pier with another dock, the price range for one-way reaches IDR 5,000,000 – IDR 15,000,000, and for one-way starts from IDR 8,500,000 – IDR 27,000,000 with capacity 1 – 100 people.

3. Luxury Charter Island

Pulau Luxury Charter also serves boat rentals, both for private boats or groups. This rental place is under the auspices of PT. Aqua Prince Bali Lestari which is located at Jl. Tukad Punggawa, Melasti Beach Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali. Services offered are not only shipping but can also be combined with events such as weddings, honeymoon, celebrations, corporate and trade events, land surveying or ocean research or just fishing, surfing and diving. The shipping routes are around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Peninda.

Thus information related to several boat rental places in Bali, you can choose according to your needs and budget. Good luck.


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