Is Lombok Worth Visiting

Lombok is one of the many tourist destinations that attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. Previously, Lombok had a lower prestige than Bali, now Lombok tourism is more advanced and more explored.

For those of you who are still wondering about Lombok and its tourist destinations, here are the reasons why Lombok is one of the top tourist attractions you should visit.

Lombok has many interesting and still hidden tourist spots

Is Lombok worth visiting? Compared to tourist sites in Bali, there are still many tourist sites on the island of Lombok that are hidden and have not been touched by the crowd. So it is very suitable if used as a vacation destination. It can be the right place for you and family too such as kid friendly bali beach club. Besides being blessed with anesthetizing natural scenery, the beach with white sand and choppy in Lombok is suitable for surfing.

Besides, there are also hiking trails, as well as uninhabited islands with views that are just amazing. Tourists can try many other interesting things by visiting some of the famous Gilis in the Lombok region.

A series of tempting culinary tours

Another thing that is also a part of the Lombok island tour is its signature culinary array. If tourists want to try culinary on the island of Lombok, there is quite a large variety of Lombok special foods that can be tasted.

Lombok’s special food besides the famous Taliwang Chicken and needs to be tried is Puyung Race Rice which is a special food, which provides warm white rice, with a mixture of chicken or duck chili sauce, combined with fried chili and serundeng. It is suitable for you who enjoy spicy food.

There is also a Sate Bulayak menu, which is satay with thick coconut milk and candlenut spices, with rice cake wrapped in elongated palm leaves that are a pity if passed.

Have a typical shopping tour

Lombok has a lot of typical tourism. Starting from the typical accessories, then woven fabrics, food, and souvenirs, even culinary tours, which can not be found in other areas. Not many people know that many shopping places can be visited by tourists in Lombok.

They can shop for souvenirs typical of Lombok such as pearl jewelry, wood carvings, pottery or pottery that can be collected such as pots, barrels, and braziers. These items can be visited at industrial centers that are widely spread in Lombok.

The tourists can visit the industrial center in Sukarara as a place to produce famous songket cloth, Beleka which produces rattan handicrafts, and Loyok as a place to produce bamboo handicrafts. While in Sekarbela, tourists can shop for pearl jewelry with seashells. If you want to shop for Lombok bags and T-shirts, you can stop by Cakranegara Market. 

So, after knowing the reason of Is Lombok worth visiting, when will you go to Lombok?

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