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Exploring Bali: How Do I Get from Bali to Gili Islands?

How do I get from Bali to Gili Islands? We can say that this is a simple thing. There are at least 5 ways you can try to get to the nearby islands from Bali. Fast boats are generally the most popular options people choose. However, this could fill up very fast especially during the peak season.

From Padang Bai by a Fast Boat

So, how do I get from Bali to Gili Islands? You should head to the Padang Bai and there are tons of fast boat operators promote their business. Commonly the boats left the harbor at 9 in the morning. If you do not want to wake up early in the morning, you should spend a night in Padang Bai. The ticket costs IDR 450,000 if you purchase it from the tour guide and IDR 700,000 online.

From Amed by a Fast Boat

It generally takes about 45 minutes from Amed to Gili Islands. Other than that, it only costs IDR 250,000 for a one-way ticket. However, it takes about 2 hours from Denpasar to Amed. If you are looking for a less crowded place, you better go to Amed. Also, you will see how beautiful the beach is. At some point, you will also find the right answer for “where should I stay in Bali for the first time” by driving to Amed.

Private Sailing

It might not be the most practical choice but this could be one of the most luxurious ways to spend a holiday for some people. Chartering a private boat will allow you to explore all Gilis in one day. Some providers like Bali Yacht Service offer some sizes of boats you can charter. Of course, the choice is yours.

Public Ferry

This option is not the most comfortable thing you will find. It costs IDR 40,000 per person. However, you should be painfully patient to get across the island considering this could take very long. So, if you are tight on budget and have more time, you can try this. The total trip takes at least 8 hours. In many cases, it could take more than 8 hours.

Private Air Charter

Do you want to get to the Gilis in style? You should try a private helicopter. Some operators offer services in Bali. It takes about 45 minutes to fly from Bali to Gili but they only take customers on Fridays and Sundays. One helicopter could take up to 5 people. So, this is the end section of “how do I get from Bali to Gili Islands”.


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