Is Lombok cheaper than Bali? The Budget Review

Is Lombok cheaper than Bali 

For those of you who are confused about deciding whether you want to travel to Bali or Lombok, here are some considerations that you should think about, to find out whether the cost in Lombok is cheaper than the cost of a vacation to Bali.

Bali and Lombok are indeed two islands with abundant tourist access. No wonder if you become confused and overwhelmed to decide where you want to vacation. Well, here are some reviews that you should read before deciding.

The cost for a vacation is usually seen in several aspects, including transportation costs, lodging costs, food costs, and costs while in tourist spots.

Transportation facilities during the holiday

Is Lombok cheaper than Bali? When compared with Bali tourism, the facilities in Lombok related to lodging, as well as public transportation are still more minimal. This makes it easier for you to visit tourist attractions using motorcycles and cars that you rent specifically.

Because of the limited facilities, a vacation in Lombok has an actual cost calculation that is higher than the lodging side. This is due to the uncommon accommodations that currently have many discounts and promos.

But for transportation using planes or boat and bus lines, the costs traveled to Bali will be greater than Lombok. The airlines used to Bali usually set normal prices above IDR 1.5 million. Unlike the airlines to Lombok which are in the range below that. If you want a vacation to Bali or Lombok, try to choose the right vacation time, and make a transportation reservation in advance.

Tourism Spot Price

When compared with the price of tourism in Bali, which usually ranges from IDR 10,000, the cost of tourism in Lombok for the entrance ticket is usually not too much different. In this case indeed in Lombok itself also applies a price for local tourists, which is different for foreign writing. This is also the same as implemented in Bali. For this reason, if the problem of tourist spots and costs are used, both Bali and Lombok still have the same calculation.

For food prices in Lombok and Bali, it can be said the same and not too much different, in the range of IDR 15,000 and above. But this does not apply if you shop at places like a gili, the beach, kid friendly bali beach club and so on, because the price offered is usually more expensive than those installs in general.

So Is Lombok cheaper than Bali? Yes in some ways, but there are also relatively similar prices in the tourism and dining section. Then have a higher price for accommodation while on vacation.

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