Hotels from Ubud to Seminyak

From Ubud to Seminyak, there are many hotels where tanning bed Bali available. The shelter is necessary when you travel somewhere far away from home, and there’s no distant relatives around that area. When finances become an issue, it is best for us to pick an affordable hotel room. So, in this article, we will talk about hotels in Ubud and Seminyak.

Saren Indah Hotel

Saren Indah Hotel is the correct choice when you visit Ubud. It is a perfect combination of savings and comfort. The property offers you a suitable atmosphere for family, and it is designed for brave tourists like you. 

During your stay, you can visit I Wayan Karja Gallery that located around 12 kilometers from the hotel and Lempad House with a distance around 16 kilometers. They are two of the famous tourist spots in Ubud. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

The hotel room has a flat-screen TV, an air conditioner, a fridge, and free Wi-Fi to access the internet. This will make your stay feels so special. Also, hoping that you can sleep well in the comfortable bed. The receptionist is open for 24 hours, including room and concierge service. You can also enjoy the swimming pool and get a free breakfast. If you drive a car to the hotel, the hotel staff will give you a free parking place. You can book here with Agoda

Gajah Biru Bungalows

Gajah Biru Bungalows is also a hotel in Ubud where you can stay at an affordable price. If you want to travel from Ubud to Seminyak, then this hotel is also a correct choice to save your money. 

The room facilities are same as usual hotels in most of Bali. They have an air conditioner, a private balcony, minibar, a flat-screen TV, and a fridge to cool your foods and drinks. Other properties that usable are the swimming pool, free breakfast, and free parking place if you drive a car. Click here to book with Agoda

Seminyak Lagoon All Suites Hotel

If you reached Seminyak according to your schedule, you may stay and rest in Seminyak Lagoon All Suites Hotel. Oberoi Street is one of the crowded places in Seminyak that tourists love so much. The distance between Oberoi and this hotel is just 10 minutes of walking by foot.

All rooms are complete with free Wi-Fi to access the internet, a small comfy living room, and a small kitchen to use. The receptionist is available for 24 hours, and you can rest well after your travel from Ubud to Seminyak. Click here to book with Agoda


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