Clubhouses Around Ubud – 5 Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Ubud

What is there to do in Canggu Bali? Are there any places in Ubud to enjoy nightlife? Well, most of the time, people come to Ubud to enjoy its natural life. However, it doesn’t mean that you can light up your nights while having a holiday in Ubud. Here are 5 best clubhouses around Ubud for you to spend the nights.

#5. XL Shisha Lounge

It is a cozy bar and lounge in Ubud that comes with a Middle East interior style. Entering the bar, you will find silk-draped ceilings and laidback corners that remind you of a Bedouin tent. There, you can enjoy the nights by smoking Al-Fakher tobacco using shisha pipes brought from Dubai. The shishas provided by this bar come with 1 to 4 hoses. You will also be able to mix flavors to get your favorite shisha tastes.

#4. CP Lounge

CP Lounge is owned by a royal family member of Ubud and designed by using the traditional architecture of Bali. The bar is located on Monkey Forest Road with live bands perform on a separate garden. It is a cozy dining and entertainment complex which provides a wide selection of cocktails and martinis for the guests. There will be houses pool tables and a makeshift dance floor to entertain the visitors.

#3. No Mas Ubud

It is one of the clubhouses around Ubud you can find on Monkey Forest Road. This small bar provides stiff drinks and simple bites in a cozy atmosphere. No Mas Ubud also features live gigs. The guests will be entertained by a wide selection of bands performing pop music to death metal. There will be a live performance from both local and international DJs to allow you to enjoy good vibes on your evenings in Ubud.

#2. The Melting Pot Saloon

It is a western-saloon style where you can enjoy fun nights in Ubud. There, you can enjoy popular and entertaining bar games while enjoying tasty pizzas and cold beers. The bar games provided by the Melting Pot Saloon include foosball, ping pong tables, electronic dartboards, and pool tables. Interestingly, there is a wall fully covered in flags of every nation in the bar. You can climb up the flags and sign your name there.

#1. The Laughing Buddha Bar

The Laughing Buddha Bar is another night club located on Monkey Forest Road. The bar is famous for its live music from jazz to freestyle acoustic presented on a mini stage. You can also dance salsa and enjoy special events which held throughout the week. That makes the Laughing Buddha Bar is one of the best clubhouses around Ubud to visit. 


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