Three Recommended Things to do in Gianyar by Some Travelers

There are so many fun things to do in Gianyar. Gianyar is one of some regencies in Bali. Gianyar is known as art center so you can find some painters, sculptors and dancers in Gianyar.

There are some tourists come to Gianyar because they like to learn how to paint, make a statue and how to do traditional dance.  There are some reasons why you need to come to Gianyar. Here are some interesting places and activities that you can do when you come to Gianyar.

Visit Batubulan Village

When you visit Gianyar, you should not skip to visit Batubulan village. Why you need to go to this place? This place is great place to learn about sand carving and you can watch some dance traditional performers too such as Barong dance, and also Keris dance. Both of traditional dances are famous dances from Gianyar. You can also find information about thing to do in Tabanan because Tabanan is another art center in Bali too.

Enjoy Tasty Foods

It is great to learn about some things to do in Gianyar and you should not forget to enjoy tasty food. You can go to Jalan Ngurah Rai. There is a food market that offers you so many traditional foods from Bali. This place is getting crowded at night and there are some sellers offer you delicious foods. You can also buy some fashion items, accessories and some traditional handicrafts from Bali.

Enjoy Beautiful Scenery of Subak

One of most important things that you really need to do when you are in Gianyar is visiting Subak. Subak is known as watering system or irrigation system that is used in paddy fields. There are some people come from so many countries in the world want to see the view or Subak. You should not forget to take a picture with paddy field background.

When you stay in Gianyar you don’t need to worry because there are some resorts and hotels that offered to you. You can choose one that is suitable with your need and your budget. If you have low budget, you can choose to stay at hostel or homestay. You need to take more than one day in Gianyar to know and enjoy all things in this place. Friendly citizen will really make you want to stay in longer time.

When you come with your kids, you should not forget to bring your kids to Bali Zoo, and Bali Safari and Marine Parks.  Your kids will really feel happy when they see some great animals there. Now you have already known about great things to do in Gianyar.

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