First Time To Go To Bali? Important To Read This!

Hi travelers! Are you including some people who have never and first time come to visit Bali? Yes, it is quite natural that even sometimes there are still some Indonesian people who have never seen the beauty of Bali at all. well, for those of you who just have plans for a vacation in Bali this time, it’s very important for you to read this article. Have a good time watching!

Bali is one of the islands that will always be visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. So, don’t be surprised if you will often see tourists going back and forth along the journey. For tourists, the island of Bali is like a home, because they often spend quite a long time to settle in Bali. Because the island of Bali will always be crowded with visitors, so you must always have a destination, which tourist destination you want to visit while in Bali.

Well, we will present three favorite tourist destinations that need to be visited for those of you who are first going to Bali.

  • Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the tourist icons in Bali that you must visit. Tanah lot temple is also a building that is a historical relic of the island of Bali, which until now still stands tall on the beach and always hit by the waves. The background of the temple which is an offshore area is always successful in attracting the attention of visitors. Not a few of those who are willing to wait for this location are a little quiet in order to get the best photos in front of the temple and the high seas.

Besides Tanah Lot Temple, of course, there are many historical sites in Bali. Because, the island of Bali is very thick with the history of its Hindu culture, in which many temples or temples are standing and still exist today.

  • Tegalalang Terrace Rice Fields In Ubud

Tegalalang Terrace Rice Field Ubud is actually not a tourist place, but the rice field which has a slope of terraces up to 45 degrees is also always managed to attract the attention of tourists. The terraced rice fields in Tegalalang can be found along the slopes as you walk down the valleys. So it’s not surprising that this place has become very well known because many tourists who momentarily stopped from their trips and took pictures with this Tegalalang terraced rice field setting.

So, in addition to being known for its coastal areas, Bali also still has beautiful areas complete with rice fields, plantations, or even forestry. And from some of these places each of them must have a tourist destination in it, such as Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali Zoo, etc.

  • Ubud Art Market

The Ubud Art Market is the right place for those of you who want to find souvenirs for your relatives and relatives in your place of origin. The Ubud art market provides a variety of necessities and souvenirs, ranging from antique items, Balinese snacks, accessories, to clothing. In this market you can bargain, therefore this market will always be crowded because the price offered is very affordable.

In addition to the Ubud Art Market, you can also find other souvenirs. Such as outlets or small shops that you will often see on the side of the road.

Well, that’s the places you might be able to visit when you first go on holiday to Bali. Of course there are many more tourist attractions that you can explore. Happy holidays and hopefully useful!


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