What Can a Family do in Bali?

Interesting things below are Right for Family Activities when in Bali when Bali is known as a romantic vacation destination, this beautiful paradise is actually an excellent choice for family vacations. Which of the beautiful beaches or which part of Bali has the best beaches? To interesting cultural nuances and family friendly places, what can a family do in Bali? There is no reason that children cannot enjoy traveling as much as adults on this island.

If you are looking for ideas on activities for family vacations, don’t search again. Before we enter into the list of fun activities, first make sure you pre-order important things that you will need in Bali such as plane tickets, locations to stay, and personal needs. After preparing the important things in Bali above, keep reading to find out what can a family do in Bali? Or activities for family when in Bali to make your vacation with family unforgettable.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is highly recommended for family holidays. With a realistic safari experience, you will be on your way to find wildlife that lives together in this 40-hectare park, with a landscape designed specifically to mimic natural habitats. You can watch piranha feeding every day, bathing elephants, feeding white tigers, and more. To enter Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can choose different packages with different programs.

West Nusa Penida Whole Day Trip

A family holiday with a beach concept, what can a family do in Bali? Visit West Nusa Penida day trip! Have fun in the joy of a calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery as you and your family travel to explore the charming west side of the beautiful island of Nusa Penida. A great way to avoid the crowds, you will be able to visit many extraordinary photogenic stops on this trip such as Angela Billabong, Patah Beach, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay. Now, you will have one family photo that is difficult for others to match.

Waterbom Bali

This place is right for visitors of all ages, Waterbom Bali is the perfect place to bring children, located in the center of Kuta, home to many thrilling slides and places suitable for families. Complete with all the basic facilities such as rental lockers, electronic payment wristbands, and bathrooms with complete facilities and changing rooms, spending a day at Waterbom Bali as a family will be very pleasant and free from commotion.

For those who are confused what can a family do in Bali? Or need time to rest and relax for a while during this holiday, you can also enjoy a massage or enjoy a tropical drink at the pool bar while the children play water and skate in the play area.


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