“New Year’s Eve in Bali” The Weather, Place, and What To Do

Celebrating New Years is one of the most memorable things to do. Bali, the paradise island in Indonesia archipelago could be one of your best lists. Bali is never out of the new exploration. It is proven by the visitors who always want to come back to Bali to explore more. Besides, you can make good pictures with happiness of your family as the records of your great vacation memories. Visiting Bali on December – January, there are some things that you should prepare. Check those out.

The Season And The Climate In Bali

In general, Bali’s climate is tropical. In the beginning of month December, Bali will be in a rain season. Nearly to the end of the month, it will be more frequent. All you have to do is provide self guardian from the water such as: umbrella, rain coat, rubber boot. You might want to bring special medicine just in case. The temperature will be in a low degree, it’s better for you to bring long sleeves clothes and long pants to cover from coldness. If you choose highland to stay over, such as on a place nearby a mountain, it will be even colder. The temperature could be 15 to 10 Celsius.

New Year’s Evening Event And The Countdown

The very popular place to join New Year countdown is in the Ground Zero Monument. When it is near to the 12.00 am of 1st January, the audiences automatically prepare their trumpet and count the seconds down loudly together. There is no leader, all are just unified. Kuta beach also has firework for New Year’s Eve. People come before the sun set to see the last sunset of the end year. In Catur Muka, there is annual festival named Denpasar Festival (Denfest) with the New Year’s Eve as the closure at once the climax performance. The great fireworks will be performed there. 

What To Do In The Wet Season?

1. Go Shopping

Rain might give a little difficulties, but don’t worry, there are still a lot of things to do. You can go shopping and buy traditional stuffs or local t-shirt for souvenir. The traditional art markets that could be on your list are: Ubud art market, Sukowati art market. You can visit Seminyak if you like elegant boutique, and visit Kuta if you like factory outlets.

2. Submarine Adventure

Visiting Odissey Submarine Bali that is located in East Bali (Labuhan Amuk, Manggis, Karangasem). There, you can learn about kinds of fish and sea existence.

3. Safari Marine Park

Here, rain will not disturb because you will walk around the park with a special car. Just sit down in the car and enjoy the fauna with your friends or family.

4. Stay Over At A Luxurious Villa With Natural View

When the rain totally makes you stuck, open the curtains of the window enjoy the natural view; have a cup of hot tea.

Although Bali is in a wet season in December, but the rain won’t fall every day. So, bring your lucky charm to get a best luck in Bali.

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