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How Much Cost to Visit Bali Indonesia

Traveling to Bali, Indonesia is something that you may never forget. Talking about traveling to this island of god especially if it is your first time, then you need to calculate everything like the cost of your vacation. Where should I stay in Bali for the first time, can be one of the factors to determine how much cost to visit Bali Indonesia.

Traveling anywhere in Indonesia or even in the most visited island, Bali, the cost can vary, it can be expensive, or it can be ridiculously cheap. It is all up to you.

Accommodation cost

How much cost to visit Bali Indonesia can be determined by where you stay. A wide range of hotels or hostels from the very expensive and luxurious to the cheap BnB are available here in this country. If you are the backpacker type, then go for the cheap one.

The cheapest one with enough facility you can get for about $5 even less! Usually, this type of room bunk bed and you must share with other guests, but hey, for the sake of your wallet, sharing sounds not-terrible idea. For you want a private room there are plenty of star hotels to pick, you can even rent a big villa if you come in a group.

Transportation cost

In traveling around from one city or island to another, it is always cheaper to take trains, buses, or sea trips, however, you can always opt for airplanes for a faster trip. In traveling city to city busses can be the cheapest means of transportation. Various prices ranging from $1 to $5 or even less, this method will not make your wallet scream.

The trick is, you need to pay to the attendant on the bus directly. Nowadays you can even get bus tickets from the travel application on your phone. This will save you the trouble. Public transport is the best choice to go around, but some areas may not have public transport to drive you to the destination, in this case, you can rent SUV with driver.

Eat and drink

You can get cheap food by eating in the local small restaurant called “warung”. However, you need to speak some “Bahasa Indonesia” since most of the local sellers in “warung” or street food do not speak English. You will find most food and drinks with less than a dollar in price.

How much cost to visit Bali Indonesia can also depend on your ability to haggle. Especially in local or traditional sellers, just haggle and you will be fine.


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