Tips to Find the Best Hotel in Ubud Online

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  • Adjust to Your Financial Condition
  • The Location of the Hotel
  • The Facilities Provided by the Hotel
  • Consider the Comfort of the Hotel
  • Compare the Prices
  • Join Hotel Membership

Finding the best hotel in Ubud online can be quite tricky because there are a lot of platforms which offer their own services and special offers. Preparing and considering the hotel where you will stay during your vacation is important because you sure do not want to stay in an uncomfortable hotel. A hotel is a place where you will take a rest after exploring a country so that you must choose the best and comfortable one. However, each person has their own criteria and standard when it comes to this. But no matter what your standard is, here are the useful tips that can be your guide to find the best hotel online in Ubud, Bali.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Adjust to Your Financial Condition

You surely want a comfy hotel with complete facilities. But you still have to choose the one that is suitable for your budget or financial condition. Do not force yourself to stay in a fancy and expensive hotel if you cannot afford it. This will make you get financial problems after you have enjoyed your holiday. You can easily find a hotel that meets your budget. Look for information about prices and special offers through the internet or online hotel platforms. You will have a lot of various options out there.

The Location of the Hotel

Before choosing a hotel, it will be better if you figure out what tourist attractions you will visit in Ubud, Bali. After that, you can decide which hotel that is located near the tourist attractions. There are several things that should be your consideration when it comes to an ideal hotel location. For example, whether the hotel is near restaurants, near the downtown, or located in your preferred area, such as beaches or mountains. Consider also the transportation that you will use during your vacation in Ubud. If you choose a hotel that is located near the tourist destinations you will visit, you will not have to be bothered to find transportation and calculate the additional fee.

Traditional Balinese Foods
Balinese snacks

On the other hand, if you stay in a hotel which is located in downtown, it will be easier for you to find foods and other needs. But the consequence is, this kind of hotel is pretty expensive and you will likely to spend more money on transportation if you do not ride your private vehicle.

The Facilities Provided by the Hotel

Another important thing you must consider when finding the best hotel in Ubud online is the facilities that you will get during your stay in the hotel. You must adjust the facilities to your needs. Do not let yourself pay for an expensive hotel with complete and fancy facilities, but you do not use them at all during your holiday. This will make you waste your money. Even though you are capable of booking an expensive hotel, but it will be such a waste if you do not use the facilities provided. However, you surely do not want to make financial problems during your holiday, do you?

Adiwana Resort Jembawan
Adiwana Resort Jembawan

If you have a vacation with your family and kids, it is reasonable that you choose a hotel with complete facilities because you have to think about your kids’ entertainment. But if you are traveling alone and planning on exploring Ubud all day long, then you can just choose a standard hotel that is comfortable enough for you to take a rest and sleep.

Consider the Comfort of the Hotel

The next tip is considering the comfort and the services you will get during your stay at the hotel you will choose. Clearly find out the services and the condition of the hotel. You can get all of this information through the internet. Most online platforms give details of the hotels they are featured with. There are several things that can be your consideration, such as hygiene, comfort, facilities, location, services, and so on. You are able to check the review from the former guests who had stayed at the hotel. Some reviews are completed with pictures so that it will be a lot easier for you to decide.

Compare the Prices

When you are about to book a hotel room, it will be better if you compare the price first among online platforms. Because it is possible for you to find a different price for the same hotel room in another online platform. So, you are able to book a hotel room at a cheaper price. You will get a cheaper price if you book a hotel room through an online travel agent than booking it directly on the spot. It is because the hotel representatives give a special contract rate to the online travel agent. Since you will find different prices for the same hotel room on the internet, you must be really careful and patient in finding the best price.

Top 10 best hotels in Ubud Bali

You are suggested to book a hotel room weeks before your vacation, especially if you are traveling in a peak season. Ubud is a very famous and popular place to spend a holiday so that you will likely not to get any hotel room if you book it incidentally.

Join Hotel Membership

Joining a hotel membership will give you many benefits. For example, getting discounts or special offers, upgrade the hotel room for free, get a free lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant, get a discount for a spa, and many more. Some hotel membership makes it easy to become a member for free by simply registering on their website. You are also able to get special offers through your email. So that you can compare the price or special offers provided by other online travel agents or booking hotel sites.

It is important to find the right and proper hotel that can fulfil your needs during your vacation in Ubud, Bali. Because a hotel is an important holiday element, especially if you are traveling for a long time. By following those tips mentioned above, it is possible to finding the best hotel in Ubud online.


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