Flight List From Toronto To Bali

Bali is the famous destination of the tourism industry. The scenery that is rich of nature thing becomes the first reason. Also, it is located between two other islands in Indonesia, Java and Lombok, makes it even more strategically. From Bali, if you want to have another adventure, you could go to Java or Lombok. If you live in Canada and want to go to Bali, you have many options of flight that you can choose. 

Toronto To Denpasar

The flights take off from Pearson International Airport or Toronto with the flight code YYZ to the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar with the flight code DPS. The length of the time you will take during the flight is at least 23 hours 30 minutes. That is the shortest one. So, certainly, you will be in a flight for more than that. The distance is 15.886 kilometers. Here are all the flights from Toronto to Bali includes the length of the time.

China Eastern

YYZ – DPS = 44 hours 5 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 24 hours 55 minutes

Philippine Airlines

YYZ – DPS = 36 hours 40 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 31 hours 30 minutes

Eva Air

YYZ – DPS = 25 hours 35 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 41 hours 40 minutes


YYZ – DPS = 33 hours 30 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 35 hours 20 minutes

Turkish Island

YYZ – DPS = 31 hours 55 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 34 hours 45 minutes

Korean Air

YYZ – DPS = 23 hours 30 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 49 hours 31 minutes

Cathay Pacific 

YYZ – DPS =25 hours 45 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 41 hours 15 minutes


YYZ – DPS = 43 hours 5 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 26 hours 25 minutes


YYZ – DPS = 39 hours

DPS – YYZ = 29 hours


YYZ – DPS = 35 hours 50 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 31 hours 30 minuteDelta

YYZ – DPS = 28 hours 19 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 34 hours 20 minutes

Qantas Airway

YYZ – DPS = 39 hours 6 minutes

DPS – YYZ = 34 hours 59 minutes

Great Tip On To Get The Valuable Price

There is a chance to get the cheapest ticket to fly from Toronto to Bali if you reserve the ticket 3 months before the day you take off. But usually it is hard to do that because people must have a lot of plans. You can still get the good price tickets if you order 4 weeks before you take off. Taking off in the morning will cost 10% higher. 

Usually, on Tuesday, they offer special price and considered to be the cheapest one. On Sunday, the ticket will be in the highest price. Otherwise, when you get back from Bali to Toronto, Tuesday is also the great day because they offer that good price too and Thursday will be the day when the tickets hit its highest price.

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