How to Find a Direct Flight to Denpasar from Canada

As you all know, Bali has been one of the most favorite cities in Indonesia. There are so many tourists, both from international or domestic, who love to go to Bali to enjoy a holiday. With so many tourists visiting Bali, no wonder if you can literally go to Bali from everywhere around the whole world. You can depart from the U.S., South Korea, Japan, France, or even Canada. If you are wondering why people love to go to Bali, the answer will be because Bali has so many amazing things such as rich cultures, the atmosphere, nature, the food, and many more. You can enjoy your holiday in Bali together with your friends, families, or lovers. Now, if you are from Canada and you want to find a direct flight to Denpasar from Canada or finding the best hotel in Ubud Online, keep on reading this article.

We hate to disappoint you but you will not be able to find a direct flight to Denpasar from Canada. The route from Canada to Denpasar is about 15,886km and the traveling time is around 23h 30m. There are several airlines which you can use to get to Denpasar. There are China Eastern Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Delta Airlines, EVA Air Airlines, KLM Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, China Southern Airlines, American Airlines, China Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa Airlines. The price for the roundtrip ticket is around C$706 to C$866 and you can use either Toronto Hamilton Airport, Toronto Island Airport, or Toronto Pearson Intl Airport.

When you want to find a direct flight to Denpasar from Canada, you must be wanting to know whether you can find the cheapest flight from Canada to Denpasar. The best time to get the cheapest flight will be during off-peak times like in the middle of the week and later in the evenings or early mornings. Those times are perfect to get the cheapest flight fares and that is why you need to be flexible. You can either book your flights on Tuesday or Wednesday. It is highly recommended not to book your flight on Friday or Saturday because the price will fluctuate during those days. You also need to book your flight in advance, approximately seven weeks in advance to save your money on your next flight. Better, for the international flight, you can book your flight twelve weeks in advance.


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