The Majestic Atmosphere of Tibumana Waterfall in Bangli

Think about the various ways Mother Nature entertains you with all the natural richness that she has and you can always find them in Bali. If you are looking for beaches, Bali is a tropical island fringed by beautiful beaches in all the four directions. If you are looking for great peaks, there are volcanos and hills with their majestic scenery that are worth hiking. If you are looking for lush and refreshing farmland, finding the best hotel in Ubud online and staying there would be a satisfying experience. Even if you are looking for a scenic and serene waterfall, you can actually find one at Tibumana Waterfall.

Where is this waterfall located?

Tibumana Waterfall is located in Bangli Regency, more precisely at Apuan Village of Susut District. If you are in Kuta now, you can reach this scenic spot in only about 1.5 hours, using either a motorbike or a car. As a relatively hidden tourist destination, the costs of visiting it are still considered cheap. And for tibumana waterfall bali entrance fee you only need to pay IDR 5,000 (USD 0.4) or IDR 10,000 (USD 0.7) for parking depending on the type of vehicle that you use and another IDR 5,000 for the entrance ticket. The parking area is located near a Hindu temple that you may want to visit before going down to the waterfall area.

Mind the do’s and don’ts

When you visit this tourist spot, there are several rules that you should obey. And those rules can be summarized in the do’s and don’ts list below.

  1. Enjoy the unique ambiance and attractions around the temple and the village. As mentioned above, before you can go down to the waterfall, you may need to stroll around the temple and the village because there are many things to offer there, such as exotic flowers and plants, local cuisines, and cultural ceremonies.
  2. Watch your step during a rainy day. The steps leading to the waterfall area can be so slippery that you may lose your footing if you don’t watch your step. If possible, avoid visiting the waterfall when the weather is bad not only because of the slippery steps. The soil around the waterfall can also be annoyingly sticky if it becomes wet.
  3. Don’t jump into the water. When you visit Tibumana Waterfall, you will not be allowed to jump into the water because the water is considered sacred. Although this might be disappointing, it will not ruin your excitement when visiting this waterfall, especially because there are a lot more attractions, such as the nearby cave, that you can enjoy there.


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