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Things to do in Nusa Dua

Hi travelers! Still not satisfied with some tourist destinations in Bali right? Indeed, the beauty of the island of Bali has always make the visitors addicted to always come back. Well, this time we will explore thoroughly what activities can be done in Nusa Dua, Bali. Let’s see!

Nusa Dua is a peninsula located on the island of Bali. The Nusa Dua area is becoming known by the public after it is often used as a venue for international events. Of course, the event was attended by elite guests, so the Nusa Dua area also began to develop into a very special and complete area of ​​facilities.

Although the Nusa Dua area is not too big, but various tourist destinations and public service places we can easily find here. Well, we will present the following regarding what activities can be done to spend your vacation in Nusa Dua. Let’s Check it!

1. Play on Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach is still a favorite of domestic and foreign visitors. Enjoying the natural beauty, stretch of beach sand, big waves, and trying some water sports activities such as Waterblow, surfing etc. on Nusa Dua Beach are things you will not miss. For some tourists it feels incomplete if they go to Bali but pass the time to visit the beach.

2. Acting Like A Pirate At The Pirates Bay

Yes, as we know The Pirates Bay is a film that tells about the lives of pirates. Well, for those of you who want to experience the atmosphere of a pirate ship and the activities inside it, then visit The Pirates Bay. Here you can enjoy the sea breeze on a replica of a pirate ship, climb up the monitoring tower, or even feel the sensation in the ship’s kitchen. In addition, you can also camp around the location while enjoying typical sea snacks like the pirates who are resting on an island.

3. Witness Devdan Show

Devdan show is a typical Indonesian art and culture performance combined with acrobatic performances. This show is very interesting, because it has a traditional feel but is still elite. This art performance seems to describe various cultures in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. Of course, the audience will feel its own satisfaction after witnessing professional players and totality with a myriad of choreographies and supported by distinctive clothing from regions in Indonesia.

4. Try Flyboarding And Compete Like Iron Man

Well, this one is still included in water sports which is also a trend in all circles. This water sports game is done with the help of a jet ski machine that has very high water pressure and surfboard pieces that are used like shoes. Armed with a balance to make the body stay upright when the water starts spraying downward, you will feel the sensation of flying in the air like Iron man. Exciting isn’t it?

5. Play On Surf And Turf Rider

Surf and Turf Rider is a swimming pool that is modified with various water games, such as a spinning pool or current pool. In this current pool you can feel the sensation of surfing even with only artificial waves, this pool is also suitable for beginners who may still be afraid of surfing in the open ocean.

Well, how about it, it’s really fun not to spend vacation time with family in Nusa Dua? Of course there are many more tourist destinations that you can do in Nusa Dua. Let’s enjoy your holiday in Nusa Dua and Happy vacation.

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