What Should You Not Wear in Bali

As we have seen that the island of Bali is an island in Indonesia that is very thick with art and culture, especially because Bali is also dominated by adherents of Hinduism. The island of Bali is also still closely attached to its artistic atmosphere, with there is so many temples, or ancient relics that we can found. Most of the Balinese people themselves still believe in the myths or prohibitions conveyed by their predecessors. Well, on this basis, some tourist attractions that are usually crowded by tourists also apply the habits that have been done long ago.

There are some habits that until now are still often applied, one of which is the selection of clothing that will be used to visit some tourist attractions in Bali. Well, below will be presented about what clothes related to the clothes and not allowed to wear when visiting several places in Bali.

  • The Wear When Entering The Temple

For the Hindu community, Pura is a place for worship, so of course to be able to enter the area around Pura must be dressed politely. Usually the visitors who come to tour the temple are required to wear a wrapper or scarf. You do not have to wear it from home, at the entrance has been provided a wrapper and scarves for guests who visit, they can wear it when entering and return it when exiting and finished visiting.

  • Don’t Wear Red And Green Clothes

The prohibition to wear red and green clothes is usually often found when going to the south coast. However, this prohibition apparently also applies to climbers who want to climb to Mount Agung located in Bali. Some people consider that mountains and sea are interconnected. Thus, this prohibition also applies to climbers. The red color is said to be considered the favorite color of the great mountain magic guard while the green color is a color that is often used by the Queen of the South Coast or Nyi Roro Kidul.

  • Don’t Wear Minimal Clothing

When visiting the island of Bali, do not be surprised if you will see the sights of tourists who go back and forth from one place to another. Mostly, these foreign tourists use minimal-sized akaian. Of course this is very contrary to the habits of the Balinese people even though they are dominated by Hindus. Well, to appreciate this, the local government decided to ban the use of minimal clothing for foreign tourists and local tourists. Because, as previously explained, the island of Bali is also dominated by temple buildings or temples as places of worship of Hindus.

Well, from some information about a wear that should’nt used in Bali that we can present above, hopefully it can be a stock of knowledge before you come and visit the island of Bali. So, don’t let your destination to enjoy the island of Bali be hampered just because you bring clothes that are not allowed. Be smart and Happy vacation.


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