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The Factory of Words – Joger, Bali’s Most Unique Souvenir Shop

Vacation will not be complete if you don’t shop for souvenirs. Whether you shop for your keepsake or buying some for your family and relations, shopping is a must wherever you go especially when you are visiting Bali. On this case, you should go to Joger, Bali’s most unique souvenir shop. It is an iconic shop in Bali and surely famous amongst the travelers both from domestic and worldwide.

The History of Joger

Name Joger is a combination of the owner’s name which is Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi and his friend since 1970 Mr. Gerhard Seeger. They met at their school in Germany called Hotelfachshule, Bad Wiesee. His friend gave Joseph US $20,000 as a wedding gift. In order to respect his friend, the owner used his name as a combination to create the shop name. Joger shop was built on January 19, 1981.

The Uniqueness of Joger

When you enter the door of Joger, Bali’s most unique souvenir shop, you will be welcomed by the staff. They will attach a unique sticker with VIP words on it but, actually it doesn’t mean very important person. The sticker is written Very Iseng Person. Iseng here is the Indonesian language which means mischievous.

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There are two main rooms inside the shop which is separated by a little pond where you can see many fishes. On the first room, you can find various crafts from Bali such as bags, sandals, key chains, and reversed watch which is the icon of Joger.

Meanwhile, in the second room, you can find many kinds of apparel including jackets, hats, t-shirts, and pants. it has a simple design with unique words on each product. You will be surprised to find that they have a unique rule. They don’t allow a customer to purchase too many products since the other customer might don’t get anything.

The Location

When you try finding the best hotel in Ubud Online, you will also be able to find the location of this shop. You only need 10 minutes of driving from the International Ngurah Rai Airport. It is located strategically in Kuta. Ask every person you meet in the city, they will be able to show you the direction.

Since Joger, Bali’s most unique souvenir shop attracts so many visitors, the owner has opened another shop called Teman Joger. This shop is located in Jl. Raya Luwus in Tabanan city. You will find it easily when you try to go to Bedugul.


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