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Some Stuff and Food Can I buy from Bali

If you have the plan to visit Bali but you have not been there before, you probably have this question “Where should I stay in Bali for the first time?” actually the answer for this question is more like, you should find the cosy and safe place to stay because that are every thing that you need.

A lot of questions probably come to your mind, one of them is like “What can I buy from Bali?”. Bali has a lot of things to buy start from its food and its crafts, here are some lists of things that you can buy from Bali 

  • Pie Susu

It is one of the famous foods in Bali that people really like, so it is like a pie that has a fla milk on top of it. The taste is sweet and the color is yellow, it is like a small dessert because, for one piece, it will need two to three bites to finish it

  • Kacang Disco

It is some peanuts that are wrapped by some dumplings that it will be fried, it also has a lot of taste like sweet, salty, barbeque, and cheese. The price of the Kacang Disco is usually around IDR 25,000 per box

  • Fabric and Clothes from Bali

Bali has its own fabric and it is perfect to wear on the beach, to wear as a scarf, or you can wrap it and it will be like a skirt. You can get the fabric from the gift shop or Sukowati market.

  • Silver from Celuk

Another thing to answer “What can I buy from Bali?” is its silver, a famous place to get it is in a village called Celuk that already produced silver from 1976. There are a lot of things that are made from silver that you can buy from Bali like a statue, a fork or a spoon, and some jewelries

Bali has its own unique things to buy, so when you ask “What can I buy from Bali?” It has a lot of answers. Some traditional stuff that you can get from  some specific village, the gift shop, or some street shops. It is not difficult to find the things that you can buy in Bali because you will have plenty of choices to buy. Before you decide to buy, make sure the thing is has the Bali vibes so it will be a sign that you have been to Bali. 

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