The Greatest Month For Bali Holiday

The paradise Island of Indonesia archipelago could be the perfect place to spend vacation or holiday with your loved ones. A bunch of activities are offered in this green place. Spending time in such a dreamy place must be incredible for you. But, paradise Island is no longer a paradise if we go there not in a right time. So, the question is raised up, when is the good time to go to Bali?

Month With Cheaper Flight And Accommodation

To find the cheapest price, it can be concluded based on the high season. The highest season or the top of the holiday season happens in July and August. Basically, January-June and September-December, the flight and accommodation will be cheaper. It is, indeed, cheaper, but not cheapest. Because, besides July and August, there are still some events that affect Bali visitors which mean also affect the price. December and January are the two months flank New Year. The tickets and accommodations are also in a high rate. Regardless the weather and the nature condition, the cheaper price in flight and accommodation happen in February-June and September-November.

Month With The Least Visitors

Least numbers of visitors often happens in low season where there is not a lot of people come. It usually happens in February. In this month and the next month, March, the rain frequency is still fair enough, not so high but still falls sometimes. In these two months, Bali is like an earth that loses its inhabitants. It is because in the late of Decembers there are so many people come to visit. Meanwhile, January, although is it still raining, people are still there to spend their rest of their holidays. Then the entire crowd ends in the end of January. It’s a drastic change.

Month With The Greatest Weather

Weather is prominent in touring. Psychologically, it affects your mood. Technically, the water might disturb some activities. Mount climbing with extreme road might not possible to do. The water makes the path slippery and endangers your safety. That is why; it is better to chose the time with fine weather so you don’t waste your time by having bad mood or endanger yourself with slippery road. In March, the rain season meets its end. Meanwhile the school holiday begins in July.

It makes three months: April, May and June, the best months to go to Bali. In those three months, the days are sunny. You also will not be bothered with the crowd because the holiday has not been started. The benefit is that you can purchase the tickets and accommodation for reasonable price. The other benefit is that you can do whatever you want. Any activities are good in good weather, plus, you don’t have to wait in a super long line.

If you can make it in those three months, don’t worry. There are two more months that are similarly great. They are September and October. The weather is still in average, with sunny daylight, fine humidity, and still is not bothered by the school crowd. The busiest place, Kuta, will not be very busy. You can enjoy Kuta with all joyful feeling and peace.

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