Where to in Bali Stay or Eat or go or Party for New Years Eve

New year is the most celebrated even in the world. Almost every country in the earth celebrating new year. They arrange new year as a precious and unforgetable moment. Every spot have different characteristic that could be change every year but still don’t loose their own colour.  

The new year eve is the special time especially for tourism destination. They do their best to attract people to come to their land. They do everything to serve the tourists and present the unforgetable shows. Hopefully they come back again next year to see a better show.

Bali with it’s local attractiveness also consider new year eve as a special moments. Every year different attractions held in every corner of the island. Bali offering everything, from the level sea at the beach until the peak of Agung Mountain. From the islands over the sea until the virgin hinterland. Every spot compete to give the best unforgetable moments. To make you have the best new year eve in your live but still regretting for not attend to another spot because of the new year eve is only one night and you have only two feet. 

Why Ubud?

Ubud is the center of cultural tourism in Bali. But special for new year eve, they combine their cultural attractions with international culture resulting unique and unforgetable moment. There are a lot of showa held around Ubud. From the place to contemplating alone until party spot for thousands people. From the beautiful romantic spot at the riverside until on the hill slope. From the sacred royal palace until the crowded art market. Ubud new year eve is also the miniature new year eve in Bali. Every show that held in Bali are also held in Ubud.

Where To Stay?

Staying at your room or home with or without your friend is highly unrecommended in new year eve. But in Ubud, everything is recommended. Beside the new year eve we are talking about, there are three new year celebrated yearly in Bali. One of them is Nyepi. A religious event that held to celebrating Balinesse new year. Unlike the other celebration that identical with party, Nyepi is a quite celebration. The Balinesse comtemplating their last year journey with several religious silence activities.

If you want to celebrate new year like that, Ubud is the best place. People around you will respect and even support you just like they respecting their Nyepi. Several accomodations could be prepared to support your contemplation. If you think the sound of fireworks will disturb your contemplation, you can choose a room or inn in rural area. There you will enjoy your new year eve accompanied with the sound of crickets.

If you want to get involved with the crowd in the new year eve, you should stay in hotel, resort, or another inn nearby. First you have to be sure about the place you want to attend. Then you search and book the accomodation that available. I suggest you to do that months before December or you have to stay in a warm little tend accompanied by thousands of mosquitos.

Where To Eat? 

 Eatingis the most important thing for the travelers. You can not enjoy your journey with empty stomach. You also can not enjoy your meal if your stomach does not agree. Since the new year eve is special moment, your stomach is also need special meal. Is there any place to eat that suitable with my stomach requirement in Ubud?  

You named it. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and food stalls are scattering around Ubud. You can choose western, Asian, African, Middle East, or Balinesse cuisine easily. You also able to arrange romantic dinner with your spouse, cheerfull dinner with your friends, barbecueing with family, or just miserable dinner alone. Special place to eat that you can choose are available in every hotel, riverside, roadside, or hill slope. You are also able to use your resort backyard to barbecue. 

Where To Go?

Although a lot of spot in Ubud ready to present unforgetable new year eve, you still need reliable information about the show. You can checked it on the internet or asking people you know that have experience celebrating new year in Ubud. You could also ask the travel agents to make sure that the show meet your expectation.

Anyway you can skip all of them if you are to busy to do that, because every single place in Ubud is celebrating the new year eve. You can start your journey from central Ubud. The Royal Palace is the central of new year eve celebration in Ubud. You can see traditional show, live music, until fireworks attractions around the palace. If you want to see something else, you can go to villages and rural area. 

Where To Party?

New year is not complete without counting from ten to one together in the middle of the night. Some people feel the party is over after that activity but the other one said that the party is not over or even just starting. No matter where you stand, Ubud is always ready to party from the sunset until sunrise in new year eve.

You can enjoy the public party in open air, restricted party in hotels, restaurants, or coffee shops, or make your own private party. Especially in restricted party area, be sure that you have booked your seat several weeks before new year. Famous  bands and singers usually invite to perform in new year, so make sure that you do not miss your favorite one.

Last but not least, you should respect Balinesse norms and values. Several places like temple is sacred. You should obey the rules around those places even in the party time. You might do not allowed to go inside, make some noise, or just trespassing. If you do not know the rules, better ask the natives. Breaking the rules will make your new year eve miserable. I guarantee. 


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