Which Part of Bali is The Best to Stay in?

Which part of Bali is the best to stay in? It depends on what the main intention of your holiday. Other than that, each spot in Bali seems to have its best for money, the most luxury, or on a budget hotel.

What about transportation?

Which part of Bali is the best to stay in? If transportation was such a big deal to choose accommodation, today you can use online transportation such as Grab and GoJek. Wherever you stay, you will not need to worry about what to eat or transportation. The simplest choice would be renting a car with the driver.

Best Place for Honeymoon and Couples

Jimbaran would be the best place to stay for couples or a honeymoon. Many resorts in Nusa Dua offers romantic holiday packages but it is still possible if you find noise families in the building. So, if you want a tranquil place to stay, Jimbaran would be a great choice. Sunsets, seafood dinner, and music would be your routines during your holiday.

Best Place for Outdoors and Sightseeing

Traffic might be a bit crowded near the town center but you will find tons of interesting place to stay, foods, outdoor venues to explore, and other delightful sides of Bali. Spots for rafting, hiking, and biking are mostly found in Ubud. It is not a beach town, however.

Best Place for Nightlife

Kuta and Seminyak are the best places to stay if you need to feel the buzz of nightlife in Bali. Numerous clubs, bars, and lounges compete with special cocktails, free drinks for girls, and many more. You can also find some luxurious lounges that promote live R&B and jazz music with intimate settings. Meanwhile, if you want something like you may find in Europe (both vibe and price) you should head to Canggu.

Best Place for First-Timers

Where should I stay in Bali for the first time? Sanur might be the option you are looking for. Sanur is home for many chill bars and lounges. Some places also offer good foods to enjoy from local cuisines up to international tastes. This can be touted as the best version Bali without experiencing the worst.

The choice is in your hand. As we have mentioned earlier, you should determine what you want to see in Bali since this island offers anything you could ask. And this is the end section of “which part of Bali is the best to stay in”.

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