Do I need a Visa for Bali: Everything You Need To Know

What you need to know

Are you planning on visiting Bali for your next holiday? You may have so many questions right now. Do I need a visa for Bali? Where should I stay in Bali for the first time? How long can you stay in Bali? The fact is, citizens from certain countries are allowed to enter Bali with no visa!

There are more things for you to know about the visa and immigration when you want to go to Bali. Soon you are about to find out.

Criteria for visa requirements

Generally, Indonesia has simplified its regulations on visa and immigration to invite more international tourists to come to Indonesia, Bali to be specific. The rules and regulations for the visa from one country to another are different, so here are the main criteria defining the requirements for a visa. 

1. Nationality (from the passport)

2. Visiting purpose (social, tourism, work and so on)

3. How long will you stay

So, do I need a visa for Bali? The great news is if you are listed as the citizen for 160 countries with Free Entry Stamp, you do not have to worry since if your purpose is tourism and you will stay for less than 30 days, no visa is needed. 

The overview of visa regulation

If you are the citizen of one of the 160 countries with a free entry stamp, then you can visit Indonesia or Bali without a visa, but pay attention, this applied only for tourism purposes and 30 days only. When you have another purpose of visit or you want to pay a short visit to Indonesia before going to another country and it will take more than 30 days, you can get VoA or Visa on Arrival.

Voa, unlike the free entry stamp, it can be extended once in 30 days. And this can be done while you are in Indonesia, there is no need to go leave the country. However, for VoA, you must pay IDR 500,000. There are more than 60 countries are allowed to make Visa on Arrival in Indonesia. You have to be careful in counting the days of your stay in Indonesia, because of penalty IDR 1 million per day for whoever overstay in this country.

To answer the question do I need a visa for Bali? Yes and no. No visa, If your country is included in the free entry list. Yes, if your country is not listed, then you must apply for a visa abroad.


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