How to Visit Sekumpul Waterfall Without Guide

Bali, the island of Goddess already becomes world hottest holiday destination. It is famous with the gorgeous beaches. The beaches are in different specialties. For example, if you are a beginner for water sport, Tanjung Benoa beach is the right place. If you want to enjoy the crowd and the whole music sounds, you could visit Kuta. Everything in Bali just can fit what you need. Bali never is out of new places. Great exploration has been done and results in several new places. One of those discoveries is Sekumpul waterfall.

This waterfall is located in Sekumpul village, Sawan sub district, Buleleng Regency. Its name is taken from the village name where it is located. But, it has two more epithets, Pemuatan waterfall and Gerombong waterfall. This year, Sekumpul waterfall is hotly discussed. In Instagram, there are beautiful pictures of it that attract the watchers.

How To Access Sekumpul Waterfall?

The location of Sekumpul waterfall, Sekumpul village, is 76 kilometers measured from Bali capital city, Denpasar. From Singaraja city (the capital city of Buleleng regency) it is 20 kilometers distance. From Bali International airport (Ngurah Rai) it is 88 kilometers away with the duration of the road, 2 hours and 39 minutes as the fastest route. The route is started from Ngurah Rai airport, head to northwest, then pass through Ngurah Rai street, toll road of Bali Mandara, Nusa Dua street, Pelabuhan Benoa street, Diponegoro street, Sesetan street, Thamrin street, Setia Budi street, HOS Cokroaminoto street, Denpasar-Gilimanuk street, I Gusti Ngurah Rai-Mengwi street, I Gusti Ketut Jelantik street, Wanagiri street

Many travelers around the world make this waterfall the target of the ‘must visited place’. Nearby Sekumpul waterfall there is another waterfall, Lemukih waterfall. The distance of those two waterfalls is around 2 kilometers. To get there, the road is narrow, steep and slippery. After you reach the parking are, you have to continue your journey through that hard road. But, those difficulties do not mean a thing after you see the beauty of Sekumpul waterfall. Another interesting fact is the route makes your journey more challenging.

What Is The Sekumpul Waterfall Beauty?

This will answer the maze above. The waterfall has 100 meters height. It makes Sekumpul as the highest waterfall in Bali. Sekumpul waterfall has three main jets. The water falls from the 100 meter height cliff. The three jets flanked by the green plants that fully cover the cliff. It makes the waterfall is dominantly green. The rocks on the edge of the estuary make it more beautiful. You could sit on the rocks and take really great pictures. You will be the focus with the beautiful waterfall as the background.

Matter of fact, in Sekumpul village, there are total 7 waterfalls. Two mentioned waterfalls (Sekumpul and Lemukih) are the two nearest waterfalls. While the other five are more far with the more difficult route.

The Rate Of The Ticket And What You Will Get

The surround of Sekumpul waterfall is still green and natural. The forest makes the air fresher. The plants produce oxygen in the afternoon so being in Sekumpul waterfall will drag you away from city pollution. Although there are still many plants in the forest, this place is amazingly clean. Apparently, the locals take care of the cleanness. The price of the ticket is IDR 2.000 for domestic tourist and IDR 5.000 for foreign tourist. Those prices are really cheap. In dollar it is just $0,14 (for local) and $0,36 for the foreigners.

This place has not provided the complete facilities. This waterfall is more like virgin place. The facilities like bathroom to change your clothes and others are not available. The facility that is ready is the gazebo. If you are hungry, you may have to go little outside because there is no restaurant or food stalls nearby. There is no hotel or resort nearby too. If you make Sekumpul waterfall as one or your destinations, the nearest hotel or resort are in Singaraja city. The good thing is that the waterfall is open for 24 hours.

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Fun Things You Can Do In Sekumpul Waterfall

With the minimum facility, a question that might pop in your head is ‘what things can we do in Sekumpul waterfall?’. Here are the possible things to do in Sekumpul waterfall:

  • Doing Yoga

Great meditation concentration is possible to do here. Sometimes, it is hard to do yoga in the crowd. You are disturbed by the sound of the vehicles with its loud machine and honk. The sound of the waterfall makes the ambience calm and easy to go into your deeper mind. The trees around also helps you to breathe easier.

  • Trekking

The path that you have to take to go to Sekumpul waterfall could be your challenging trekking. It is like a maze, up and down, right and left. It is not as extreme as mountain trekking but it is still fun and challenging. You are suggested not to wear boots or shoes with high heels. Crocs are the perfect foot wears while visiting Sekumpul waterfall.

  • Photographing

Take good pictures here not just of you or your friends, but the sceneries around. If you love photography, maybe you can adjust your angle and make the sun light more gorgeous on the trees and on the waterfall. You can also post the photos to your social media or your blog page to tell the world what a beautiful Sekumpul waterfall is.

  • Swimming

The water of Sekumpul waterfall is just great. It is good for swimming. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear. But as the place has not provided the room for changing, you have to ask your friend to help you cover while you’re changing your clothes. Or you can change after you find a rest room a little outside the area.

  • Painting

If you are an artist, you can bring your drawing utensils and capture the sceneries around into canvas through your magical hand. This moment could be the unforgettable moment to write down on your bottom corner of your painting that you make this painting directly in Sekumpul waterfall.

Those are the possible things to do in Sekumpul. And also, you can invite your loved one to join you to go to Sekumpul waterfall together. So, does Sekumpul attract you already?


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