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What is There to do in the Gili Islands?

What is there to do in the Gili Islands? 

Playing and vacationing to gili for the first time? Surely you are still confused about what to do. But don’t worry, playing on the gili means you can enjoy many tourist spots at once. Well, here are some of them.

Play and swim at the beach

What is there to do in the Gili Islands? spend time playing water and swimming! surrounded by beaches and clear seawater, clean with a degraded blue color ranging from whitish blue on the edge of its white sandy beach, then to light blue and increasingly indented towards the sea then the color becomes dark blue with higher depth.

If you are swimming, pay attention to the boundary area of the beach that is allowed to swim, usually marked by ropes and small balloons floating above the seawater which indicates the boundary of the sea that is getting deeper and dangerous.

Try a water ride

Usually in the gili provided a variety of water rides, such as kid friendly bali beach club, Banana Boat, Kayaking, Jet Ski, Fishing, Water Skiing, Paddle Board, Surfing, and so on. Just choose which one you like and of course, it is adjusted to your budget.

Don’t forget to try snorkeling

Here it is the activity you must also do on the gili! Snorkeling and diving too! Both of these vacation menus are indeed mandatory requirements if you are in Gili. You can use an open trip or private trip services to do it. You just have to adjust to your budget. Around the gili usually there are also rent out all the equipment, but of course, the price is more expensive. If indeed you can prepare everything you need in advance, it will greatly reduce costs during the holidays.

Explore the gili by cycling

 the rule applied in the gili is that no motorized vehicles are allowed, so the only vehicle that can pass on the gili is only a bicycle. Rent a bicycle and try to explore all corners of the Gilis, even if you can just surround the cage to be satisfied. Tired will not be felt, compared to the experience and amazing scenery.

Relax or run

If you enjoy jogging or running sports, the right time to do it is in the morning before sunrise or in the afternoon before sunset, because at these times the sun is not too hot to sting so it is very fresh to do these activities while around the footpath in all the way. don’t forget to bring sneakers and a hat to make it more comfortable to do it.

Well, are you ready to find out more about What is there to do in the Gili Islands?  

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