Bali’s Annual Event You cannot Miss Out – Ubud Food Festival

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  • Spice Up the World!
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Ubud Food Festival is one of the most awaited annual events in Bali. Started and established in 2015, this event has taken the heart of a lot of people. This event is basically held for the celebration of diversity when it comes to Indonesian cuisine and local produces. Other than that, this event also serves as the gathering event of the most prominent chefs on the island. And, of course, this event is the place where everyone celebrates the beverage industry and Indonesian foods festively.

true Indonesia’s culinary cultures

true Indonesia’s culinary cultures

This even also justifies that Bali is not only popular and famous with its tourist destinations but also where a bunch of attractive events takes place. If you adore this island that much, you may familiar with religious events like Pasraman, cultural events like Nusa Dua Fiesta, or Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. If you visit Bali this year or before the end of April 2019, you may be able to witness and join this event. As its name suggests, this event is held in Ubud and will be about culinary.

Ubud Food Festival 2019

As we have mentioned earlier, Ubud Food Festival or UFF has been around since 2015 and presented by one of the Indonesian popular food brands. It can be touted that UFF is an annual project from Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati. UFF shows and provides various Indonesian foods, local produce, and popular chefs along with the culinary hero of Indonesia. This year, UFF is held in Ubud on 26-28 April 2019. You should also remember that Indonesia has such a bright future when it comes to culinary. So, if you are someone who is into food adventure then you should come and visit this event.

This event was originally developed due to the anxiety of many culinary actors in Indonesia about the local culinary. Thai, Vietnamese, and other south-east Asia countries’ foods are adored internationally. On the other hand, Indonesia foods are far behind. Other than that, when it comes to western or cuisine from other countries, Indonesia has a big market that grows rapidly. It seems very ironic for sure.

The main goal of this event is to celebrate Indonesian cuisine, produce, and chefs as well as spreading the greatness to the whole universe. The main idea is to show food lovers from around the world that Indonesia dishes are worth to be added to their favorite foods list. Through this event, all foodies around the world could learn something about Indonesia, especially from the cuisine. After all, food is the easiest way to learn and get to know a culture for sure.

What you will get

UFF is consistent with its content but they will always update the quality of the content so everyone would get different experiences from the last year’s event and this year’s event. Of course, there might be a series of interesting activities at the venue. One of the events you cannot miss out is the cooking demo.

the cooking demo
the cooking demo

The cooking demo will be hosted by a well-known yet popular chef for a 60-minute straight per session. Other than that, you can enjoy some workshops about family recipes hosted by legendary chefs of Indonesia. Cooking classes are the other things you should join as well. The attendants will cook some local foods with local produce. It sounds fun, right?

This event will also spoil the visitors and attendants with musical performances, film screenings, book launchings, and many other interesting activities. The attendants are also allowed and welcome to enjoy the prominent menus from legendary chefs in Indonesia. Of course, you need to purchase the ticket in the first place. Ticketing and locations will be explained in the end section of this article.

Spice Up the World!

The UFF theme for this year is Spice Up the World. Indonesia basically has a huge potential when it comes to the culinary prospect. However, the locals feel that the foods are not as popular as the foods came from other countries in South-East Asia. On the other hand, Indonesia has various authentic foods adored by both foreign and local tourists, which also, on the other hand, has a good prospect to be accepted by others from around the world.

Papua, Timor and Bali on the Table

Papua, Timor and Bali on the Table

This event with its main theme this year has a purpose to introduce Indonesian culinary to the world. Pragmatically, this event wants to promote the Indonesian culinary into the global standard. One of their efforts is asking the attendants to join the cooking class directly. You should keep in mind that the foods introduced and practiced during the whole event are Indonesian foods with local ingredients.

Ticketing and locations

As we have mentioned earlier, this event is always held in Ubud. However, there are various types of tickets available for the public and each ticket type has its own pros and cons. The Foodlover’s Pass is available for you who want to get access to the whole 18 stands. It costs IDR 500,000 or around USD 37.

The ticket also includes the whole entertainment in the event, canapés, and cocktails. You also have the chance to meet and talk to the restaurateurs and chefs in person. Since the event is held for three days in a row, you can purchase the Foodlover’s Pass for the first day, second day, the third day, or three days in a row at once. It will allow you to save up to 40 percent than if you purchase the ticket individually.

Festival Hub Taman Kuliner

There are also additional tickets for special events such as Kitchen Stage, Master Classes, and Workshops. The ticket starts from IDR 250,000 or around USD 18. You can purchase the ticket online or go to the venues at Ubud. There might be some free events you can enjoy especially if you just want to taste the foods and drinks at the food vendors. Also, you cannot miss out the opportunity to buy something at the fresh market bazaars. Long story short, the annual Ubud Food Festival is an event you cannot just skip out especially if you are in Bali.


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