Lovina Bali Things to Do

When it comes to Lovina Bali things to do, you should know the brief information about this beach. Lovina Beach consists of several small beaches on the same coastline but sits on two different districts. Located in the North Bali, this beach might be a perfect alternative if you want to enjoy the beautiful beachy scenery without dealing with the crowds like the South Bali. The waves are calmer and you can also find the buzzing nightlife too.

However, Lovina Bali things to do would be more about activities you can do around the beach. Since the beach is located in Buleleng Regency, some activities in Buleleng would be good things for you in case you choose this place as the answer for “where should I stay in Bali for the first time”.

Join a Cooking School

Do you want to get a new experience during your visit to Lovina? Sure, you should try joining a cooking class from Adjani Bali Cooking School. One class usually takes 3 hours for five local dishes, market trips, and lunch with local cuisines. They also provide solo classes and special sessions for families and groups. This is one of the fun ways to enjoy your holiday in Bali.


If you are in North Bali, you should visit Bali Bike Park where you will find a big arena for trails. Some trails available include Enduro, Downhill, and Cross-country. You can spend your biking adventure with your family because it is also suitable for adults and kids. The trip will be closed with delicious local dishes and ocean views.

Chilling in the Hot Springs

Buleleng also provides some chilling activities for couples, families, groups, or those who need to lay back. Banjar Hot Spring is where you should head to. It will give you such a therapeutic experience while enjoying a nice day. There are four main pool sections with a central bathing pool where you can enjoy some foods from the restaurants. After you are done with soaking in the hot springs, you can purchase some stuff in the souvenir shops from the same complex.

Beji Temple

North Bali also has an ancient temple what will take your breath away. Just like visiting other temples in Bali, you need to wear a sarong and sash. You should not miss the opportunity to explore this temple. And this is the end section of Lovina Bali things to do.

See Dolphins 

Lovina beach is of grey and black volcanic sand. Just as the nearby Pemuteran Beach, Lovina also features incredible underwater life to plunge in for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling. But, the main attraction here are the bottle-nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncates)n who haved made this coast their playground.

Dolphins normally appear early in the morning just when the first rays of the sun rise on the horizon. These incredibly smart creatures will come and swim near boats and cavort around creating a truly fascinatingspectacle of nature. This anazing attraction can be viewed from traditional boats called “Jukung” that are offered by many operators or individuals on shore.


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