How much are surf lessons in Bali

How much are surf lessons in Bali? Nowadays it is very viral when surfing or surfing in Bali. In addition to the present surfing activity is very challenging especially for tourists who like challenges.

Currently there are so many choices for places to do surfing activities, one of which is the beach canggu or better known as canggu surf camp. Every morning we can see hundreds of surfers trying out the waves of Canggu beach.

To be able to stand on a surfboard, of course you must with regular exercise and swimming abilities, of course. Then what if you have never done this surfing activity.

Dont worry! There is an experienced trainer to guide this surfing activity instantly. Even beginners can do it. The beach that is commonly used for beginners is Canggu beach.

The beach which is approximately 5 km from Kuta beach has the wave character that is not so big so it is safe for beginners. It only takes an average of 2 hours you can do this surfing activity like professional surfers. Then the question is what you need to prepare if you want to learn to surf in Bali?.

No need to bother to bring a surfboard or surf board to the beach, because the guide already provides equipment such as a surf board and also mineral water if you feel thirsty. You can also register your kids for kid friendly bali beach club to give them early lesson.

Surfing Learning Tips

Learning to Surf in Bali Begins with stretching followed by trying the movements to be carried out on the beach and movements if needed help. This surfing learning activity only takes no more than 2 hours. But, How much are surf lessons in Bali?

Tourists can usually already stand on the surf board. But it is still recommended for beginners to try waves that are not so big first to avoid things that are not desirable. For the cost of learning to surf this is approximately 400 thousand per person and you will be guaranteed to surf in Bali.

Learning to surf is best when you dive right into the beach with the ideal waves. Many experts claim that living in Bali is indeed one of the advantages because he can play to the beach almost every day. The nephew of Indonesian surfer legend Wayanganti Yasa is most often surfing on Kuta Beach, Padang-padang, and Uluwatu.

In addition, Indonesia has various beaches with world-class waves you know, guys! For example, in Kuta and Canggu. So, you have a lot of option if you know How much are surf lessons in Bali.


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