Hiking the Campuhan Hill

Campuhan Hill or more popular with Campuhan Ridge Walk is nature trek that will bring you peace and get to know nature much better. Tourists in Bali can be classified into several types: those who love beaches, those who love beach clubs and nightlife, and those who love nature. And if you are one of those who love nature, you should visit Campuhan Hill in Ubud.

Overview – How long does it take to walk the Campuhan Ridge Walk?

Campuhan Ridge Walk is free. The trek route is easy and many tourists repeatedly come back to this place due to many reasons. The trail shows a pristine road to escape from the contemporary guesthouses, boutiques, and restaurants you may find in Jalan Raya Ubud.

The hike allows you to enjoy gorgeous hillside vistas along with the fresh air. Besides burning calories, you can get the benefits of 9-km hill track nature. The main access of the trek is just a concrete path. You can follow the lettering boards along the road to reach the Campuhan Valley as one of the interesting tourist attractions in Nusa Penida.

The View – Where does Campuhan Ridge Walk start?

You will see a small bridge near the Campuhan River that leads to the majestic Pura Gunung Lebah complex. The signs are also available along the road in case you want to visit the temple complex. Even though many people come here and most of them are tourists, you may have the trek path to your own.

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The best time to visit the hill is early morning and late afternoon for jogging or walking. The temperature is typically cool and clear. Sunrise and sunset would be the best time to see the sky color. Expect to see the slopes when you are up there.

Beyond the Campuhan Ridge Walk

The hill passes over the green valley around the Sungai Wos River. When the weather is clear, you can enjoy Mount Agung as the backdrop as well as small village houses near the rice fields in the morning or afternoons. The tall grass is essentially paddies of Bangkiang Sidem Village, a small village beyond the hill.

If you are a curious trekker, feel free to explore the outskirts of Bangkiang Sidem down to the Cerik River. Later, you can continue to climb up the Payogan Hill located in the Kedewatan Village. After hiking the Campuhan Ridge Walk, enjoy a nice massage and spa at the hotel or one of the small spas around Ubud main road.


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