How Long Does It Take to Walk Up Mount Batur?

How long does it take to walk up Mount Batur? Do you know where Mount Batur is? Mount Batur is located in Bangli, Bali. Tourists hike this mountain for years and most of them want to witness its stunning yet breathtaking sunrises.

In this article, we will tell you more about the mountain and the things you better prepare before you start the hiking journey. We highly recommend you to join this tour because nothing could beat how stunning the sunrise up there.

Some people also ask how much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud. Well, there are a couple of them. But in this article, we will talk about Mount Batur.

How hard would it be?

Some people were not confident enough to hike this mountain. Of course, this would be a bit challenging for you especially if you have no physical preparation beforehand. It is recommended to have a decent cardio level to easily hike this mountain.

How long does it take to walk up to Mount Batur? It takes about two hours to get up there, which is the normal time. If you take fewer breaks, you might get up there faster. Please keep in mind that you are hiking a 1,717-masl mountain.

What to wear?

The temperature can change from time to time and it could be different from where you stay and up there. It is recommended to wear a comfortable pair of shorts or leggings or anything for workouts. Also, do not forget to wear a proper pair of hiking shoes.

If the temperature is a bit lower, you can bring a hoodie or sweater. However, when you hike you may not want to wear the outer. A waterproof jacket is a smart thing to bring after all.

What to bring?

You do not need to bring too many things. A small rucksack is enough to carry your gear, snacks, and water. A headlamp would be a huge help for sure. Your guide will loan you a flashlight but a headlamp will make things easier for sure. You need to climb as well at some point.

The guide will also give you some water during the hike. Still, you need to bring some extra considering it would be two hours long. The guide will also give you some boiled eggs at the summit. And this article should have answered “how long does it take to walk up Mount Batur”.


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