How Far Away is Ubud from the Beach?

How far away is Ubud from the beach? First of all, Ubud is like the paradise of green rice fields. Anywhere you see, you will catch the greens in your sight. If you want to know how far the beach is, you need to find out the closest one from Ubud.

People go to Ubud for various reasons. Most of them join yoga classes, culture trips, healing sessions, and so on. It is nearly impossible to find tourists who go to Ubud for the beaches considering there is no Ubud Beach so far.

Keramas Beach

According to our measurement, Keramas Beach is the nearest beach from Ubud. So, if you are visiting Ubud and need the escape from the routines in this area, you can hop on a motorbike and go to Keramas Beach

Some expatriate friends have been staying there for a while now and it is good that this beach is still like a secret. The place is tranquil, calm, and quiet, just like Ubud. Keramas Beach would be the perfect place to get a beach day without getting exposed to the crowds like other beaches in Bali.

How far is Ubud from the beaches?

How far away is Ubud from the beach? Keramas Beach is 13km apart from Ubud or you may spend 30 minutes of riding a motorbike from the center of Ubud. If you want to get to Canggu Beach, you should get through 30 kilometers from Ubud. 

The same distance is also applied to reach Seminyak Beach and Sanur Beach. However, if you ask me about the nearest beach then the answer is Keramas Beach. Near Keramas Beach, you will also find Saba Beach and Masceti Beach. 

If you want to know how much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud then you should read another article on this site.

FAQs about Keramas Beach

How do we get to Keramas Beach to Ubud? Well, you can turn on your Google Maps. The maps will show you precisely the spot and you can simply follow the direction. We recommend you to use a motorbike because traffic in Ubud is a thing now.

What things can we do in Keramas Beach? You can surf at the beach and enjoy a nice lunch or romantic dinner at Komune Beach Club. There is also a winery near the beach if you want something romantic and special. And this is the end section of “how far away is Ubud from the beach”.


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