Can You Trek Mount Batur without a Guide?

One of many questions asked regarding the hiking trek of Mount Batur is “Can you trek Mount Batur without a guide?” Well, the hiking trek of Mount Batur is not that easy one to tackle. It takes at least 2 hours to complete with the direction is going up to the peak of 1700 meters of its height.

The locals are pretty concerned about the idea of tourists going on a hike at Mount Batur hiking trek alone. There are dangers lurking around the trek such as landslides as well as getting lost and falling down. Many have died along the trek while many others have been injured badly while hiking there.

Getting a guide to accompany all along the hiking at Mount Batur is advisable. How much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud? That may be not much. When it comes to Mount Batur hiking, that can be done without a guide for sure. But you’ll need to prepare extra budget.

Getting a guide for a hiking at the trek of Mount Batur is easy. Right at the car parking area there are guides available for certain price to pay. Registration is required when attempting to get a guide on the spot. Otherwise the registration will be handled by the tour agent for those who travel using a tour package by certain tour agents.

In order to further highlight the answer for the question of “Can you trek Mount Batur without a guide?” there is the importance of knowledge around the area. Certainly, a guide will have all the required knowledge upon hiking at the trek of Mount Batur. Even in registration before the hiking, those who are attempting to go on a hike without a guide most likely will not be given the permission to do so. So, despite anything and everything else it is advisable to just register with a guide for the hiking.

Many guides will ask for at least two people to go on a hike. The hike with everything including registration and the guide will cost up to IDR 1.600.000 in which that is pretty reasonable since it deals with safety matter. The guides will be able to explain many things when asked regarding the location. Most importantly the guides will provide decent words regarding things to do and spots to step on all along the hike. So, in the end the answer to the question of “Can you trek Mount Batur without a guide?” is a solid no.


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