Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking – How Do I Get to Mount Batur?

How do I get to Mount Batur? We would say that hiking the mountain to witness the sunrise is worth every effort you give. Still, you need to prepare yourself because the hike requires adequate energy.

You can purchase a holiday package for this trip. A guide will be your company and guide you through the summit. With a guide, you will also get the story behind everything you pass by. And in this article, we will talk about how to get to Mount Batur.

How to get to Mount Batur

How do I get to Mount Batur? This place is accessible anywhere from Bali. If you stay at Ubud, it may take around 1.5 hours of driving a car. If you stay at Seminyak, you will need about 2 hours or so.

Meanwhile, it is more convenient if you book a tour package to Mount Batur. It commonly includes pick-up and drop-off to the hotel you are staying in. This will save you time while you do not need to deal with the hassle. Meanwhile, it costs more if you take a taxi.

The trek

The difficulty level is not that hard but we cannot say it is easy as well. As long as you have a fit body and used to do cardio workouts, you will be good. You will climb over 1,500 meters high of a mountain in one day. 

Also, if you have climbed another higher mountain, you will be good to hike Mount Batur. The guide will allow you to make some stops for breaks. You will need around two hours to get to the summit. Everyone could do the trekking as long as you are prepared and follow the guide.

The best time to hike

Some people want to know how much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud. However, it does not seem to fit the context here. Still, Monkey Forest is another interesting place to visit especially if you stay at Ubud. Meanwhile, we still talk about Mount Batur.

It seems like Bali always has summer all year long. However, we highly recommend you hike from April to September. The wet season is still worth a try but the track might be a bit difficult and a bit slippery. Also, the sunrise could be covered by fog during the wet season.

Hiking Mount Batur is worth your time. And this article should have answered “how do I get to Mount Batur”.

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