Travelling the Short Distance of How Far is Monkey Forest from Ubud

One of the places to visit upon having a holiday in Bali is the Monkey Forest in which “How far is Monkey Forest from Ubud?” is a common question. Many tourists stayed in Ubud who are somewhat curious and interested in visiting the forest will ask that one main thing. They would love to go on a road trip alone to reach the forest while enjoying the surrounding along the way.

So, the Monkey Forest is actually just 1.8 Kilometers to reach through Jalan Hanoman. Its exact location is at Jalan Wenara Wana of Ubud, Bali. Basically, the question regarding the distance of Monkey Forest from Ubud is just to know the actual distance of the forest from the downtown area of Ubud. Obviously, most tourists will love to stay at the downtown area of Ubud so that they would like to know the travel distance to the forest.

It can easily be reached on foot from Ubud though since the 1.8 Kilometers of distance is not really to tough on How much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud?. Along the walk or even jog towards the forest there are things to see and enjoy as well which is pretty much a bonus. The forest is open daily at 8.30 am so that is pretty much a decent time to go on a morning walk towards the forest, right?

The 1.8 Kilometers of “How far is Monkey Forest from Ubud?” can surely be traveled on a motorcycle or a bike. There are rentals around the area that offer motorcycles and bikes for tourists. It is important to notice the parking fee of vehicles though.

Parking fee for a motorcycle starts from IDR 2,000 for the first hour and IDR 1,000 for the next hours. Moreover, there is a fee as well for the motorcycle rental to keep in mind. So, clearly the cost-effective option is to go on a walk to the forest.

A little bit of trick to know when planning to visit the forest is to be there at about 2 pm. During that time the monkeys will commonly be in full-stomach state since the staff will have been feeding them previously. When they are full, they are less aggressive towards visitors. In the end, it really is easy and quick to travel the distance of “How far is Monkey Forest from Ubud?” even on foot since it is just 1.8 Kilometers.

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