Can You Drive Up Mount Batur? No, You Cannot

Some tourists visiting Bali often ask the question of “Can you drive up Mount Batur?” especially those who love to go to nature spots. The same popular question as “How much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud?”, we have the right answer.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to drive up Mount Batur. The area can only be traveled by hiking. It means that those who love to go on a bit of nature adventure will enjoy the spot. So, are you ready to enjoy the hiking trek of Mount Batur while hiking?

Clearly hiking along the trek of Mount Batur is not the same as joining an event of running race in Bali. Yet, runners can join any hiking activity to get just the feeling of hiking. The hikes will take about 2 hours in order to complete. Some people said that 2 hours are the quickest time for the hike within the trek of Mount Batur. It means that it could take longer than 2 hours.

The top of the volcano is at 1700 meters of height. Going on a hike in upward trek up to that height may not be suitable for everyone. Thus, it is recommended to consider fitness level before taking on the trek. Good equipment should be taken into consideration as well.

Aside of the fact that the answer to the question of “Can you drive up Mount Batur?” is a no, there are things to enjoy both at the top and the bottom sections of the area. There are many lookout points around the top in which they can all be used to enjoy the view of the volcano lake. Some people find it that the best part is to see the glowing lava within the lake and hear the gasses out of the lava. That will surely be a great outcome of a tiring hike from the bottom.

Meanwhile there are hot springs as well within the base of Mount Batur that can be considered as the ultimate source of fresh and relaxing warm water. After a long and tiring hike, spending a couple of hours within the springs is a must.

Another alternative to enjoy Mount Batur is to go to the Lakeview Hotel. Many have died on the trek at Mount Batur so it is crucial to pay attention to the fitness level and personal limit before attempting to go on the hike. So, a big no is the answer to the question of “Can you drive up Mount Batur?”

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