Simple Guides on What should I Wear to Ubud Monkey Forest

Knowing what to wear in certain circumstances is crucial just as the idea on what should I wear to Ubud Monkey Forest especially for tourists. Wearing wrong outfits could end up in rather shameful experience when visiting the monkeys at the Monkey Forest. Thus, it really is important to get dressed appropriately before going to the Monkey Forest.

So, the basic thing to understand is that the Monkey Forest of Ubud is actually a sacred ground. It is a form of sanctuary with temples around it so as a starter the dress code should be rather respectful. Obviously, it should not be like a dress code to go to the beaches of Bali. A considerably enclosed or covered type of outfits will do as a start.

How much is the Monkey Forest in Ubud? You will be surprised that there’s no entrance fee to pay. The short distance of the downtown area to the forest makes it highly possible to be reached on foot while wearing a running outfit. Clearly a running outfit is a closed type of outfit and it is comfortable to wear even during a rather hot day. So, take that into consideration.

Now, in term of the idea on what should I wear to Ubud Monkey Forest there are things to avoid for the sake of both comfort and safety. Well, safety is the most crucial element here though. Features of clothing that can easily be tampered with by the monkeys should be avoided. Things like straps should be avoided at all cost. Even a tank top should be avoided since monkeys could pull that away. A simple advice is to cover the entire body and it should be okay.

Another thing aside of clothing to pay attention upon a visit to the Monkey Forest of Ubud is the belongings. It is advisable not to bring anything in form of a hand carry. Monkeys will try to steal them away of things like paper bags or hand bags. At some points even cellphones could attract monkeys to take them.

Small things within pockets should all be left within the entrance of the sanctuary as well to avoid losing them to the monkeys. So, a trip to Monkey Forest of Ubud has the matter of knowing what should I wear to Ubud Monkey Forest as an important one.

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